Regina provide their expertise in the Laboratory sector from design to manufacture

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Our company was founded upon the manufacture of glass and associated laboratory articles such as Test Tubes and Vials for.

Today our focus in this sector is on plastic laboratory products although still maintaining our glass tubular container production.

Plastics for blood collection systems, test tubes and containers for genetic research are but a few of our product lines. Development of custom products for this sector is another service we can provide.



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What is the laboratory industry?

Science is precise and exacting. Professionals operating in the field need the highest possible standards of equipment to ensure constancy, a lack of deviation, and reliability when it comes to performing the most demanding of tasks.

In order to support this work, the Laboratory Industry provides a wide range of services and high quality products. At Regina, we are proud to provide the materials that help professionals complete their tasks without distraction and to the most rigorous of specifications.

This means working hand-in-hand with our suppliers and clients to ensure that we stock the right items for their unique needs at a price-point that makes their work truly sustainable.

What products do Regina supply for the laboratory industry?

Regina has extensive experience aiding the sector, providing a range of items that include but are not limited to-

Drosophila Vials: Essential for the safe storage of fruit flies, these allow for the safe and humane growth and storage of the creatures for use in a range of settings and environment.

Glass and Plastic Flat Bottom Tubes: Available in a range of cost-effective options, these essential items can be used to help with tissue handing and culture work.

Test Tubes: Ubiquitous in every lab, our range of test tubes fulfil a selection of purposes. Sturdy, heat resistant, and affordable – our line of products can help make the daily running of a lab more efficient and productive.

And many more elements that can be viewed in full from here  .

What are the benefits of using laboratory products made by Regina?

If you are considering using our products, some key benefits include-

Reliability: Built to withstand a range of professional and academic working environments, our range of products are hard-wearing and constructed to the highest of professional standards. This allows you and your team to work unimpeded with no need to make any concessions for your equipment.

Being Fit for Purpose: Our online store carries a wide range of products for all laboratory requirements. This ensures that when you are looking for different types of test tubes, you will be able to find the exact make and specification that you need. And when it comes to more specialised equipment, we will work with you to find the right make and model that is truly fit for purpose.

Cost Effectiveness: One of the most overlooked elements of running a successful lab is managing overheads. If you are looking for borosilicate test tube suppliers you will be hard-pressed to find another supplier that matches our degree of quality with affordability and flexibility.

What next?

If you want to learn more about Regina and our current range of products, you can view our online catalogue of test tubes for sale in full from here. Or if you have any questions or queries about your own bespoke use-case, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly and let us know exactly what you need to add value to your work.