Regina Industries Ltd have a wealth of experience when it comes to manufacturing plastic mouldings. All of our products are ISO9001:2015 approved to guarantee you receive products of the highest quality.

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Injection Moulding

The plastic materials that are used cover a wide range of those available from commodity polymers such as polythene, polypropylene and polystyrene to the engineering polymers such as nylon, acetal and polycarbonate.

Whatever your application, we have the technical knowledge and technology to meet it.

What’s more, our machine capacity is now 26 moulding machines from 22 tonnes to 150 tonnes, < 1gm to 300gm shot weight.

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The benefits of injection
moulding & working with REGINA

  • Process allows for the manufacture of complex geometry and detailed features.
  • Highly efficient manufacturing process.
  • Enhanced strength through selection of appropriate polymers.
  • Colour and surface finish built in and 100% repeatable.

You can find out more about Injection Moulding by reading our guide here.

Regina Industries provide a wide range of services

Plastic Injection Moulding

Regina Industries Ltd have a wealth of experience when it comes to manufacturing plastic mouldings. All of our products are ISO9001:2015 approved to guarantee you receive products of the highest quality.

Precision Machining

Our engineers have the expertise to cover machining capabilities over a diverse range of sectors.

Our team are equipped to support low volume production offering faster lead times.

Product Development

Our in house experts can support you in your next prototype project. We use the latest 3D CAD software to help you visualise your product providing an efficient cost effective solution.

Tool Making

Quality tooling is core to achieving a quality moulded product. Our in house tool making guarantees this quality and allows rapid response to changes and routine maintenance.

Tubular Glass Containers

Our corporate history is founded in glass so you can be assured you are dealing with a company that understands this unique material.

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Injection moulding explained

Injection moulding is used in manufacturing to produce vast quantities of items. It is often used to create thousands and even million copies of the same part. Injection moulding systems inject materials into closed moulds and can be used to produce parts made from materials including metal, glass, polymers and more. It’s important that careful design takes place prior to the process getting underway. Designers need to consider the part’s various features, the design of the mould, the materials it is made from and the features of the moulding machine. It is generally more cost-effective to use injection moulding for large batches of parts rather than small quantities. Items frequently made through the injection moulding can include car parts, toys, chairs, storage containers, plastic tubes, mechanical parts, packaging, bottle tops and many more.

The benefits of injection moulding

The moulds used for injection moulding are often manufactured from metal. Some of the key benefits of injection moulding include reduced labour costs, quick production, the flexibility of design, producing small parts, high colour control, consistency, modest finishing requirements and the ability to produce multiple parts simultaneously. The price per unit is incredibly affordable when quantities are high. The more parts are produced, the more cost-effective the process becomes. Injection moulding is also well-known for its low scrap rates in comparison to manufacturing processes such as CNC machining. It is essential to the get the design right at the first time of asking. Upfront costs can be substantial because of the requirements related to design, testing and tooling. If you are considering have parts produced via injection moulding, you will need to ensure you can meet the entry cost and require enough parts to make the investment worthwhile.

State-of-the-art resources

We work with a host of materials including commodity polymers like polythene, polypropylene and polystyrene and engineering polymers including nylon, acetal and polycarbonate. We are confident we can meet your injection moulding requirements regardless of what they are. Our base is home to 26 moulding machines ranging from 22 to 150 tonnes, offering less than 1gm to 300gm shot weight. Whether you have a brand new requirement or need to resource an existing one, you can count on us to deliver the accurate excellence that you desire.

Complex, detailed features

Our stringent, first-class processes enable us to work with complex geometry and detailed features, with a wide range of appropriate polymers available to enhance strength. The results are 100% repeatable and have colour and surface finish built in. We are able to offer low volume production when needed and can deliver faster lead times. We use the very latest 3D CAD software, allowing you to visualise the end result and ensure you are happy with it before the remainder of the process begins. We also offer services including plastic machiningprecision machining, product development and tool making.

Why Regina?

At Regina Industries Ltd, we have been carrying out injection moulding for many years. We have more than seven decades of manufacturing experience behind us and do everything in our power to ensure the production process and material selections are the right match for your specific requirements. More and more customers are choosing us over the competition when they require injection moulding services. All the products that we produce are ISO9001:2015 approved to give you the peace of mind you require and the quality that you deserve.

Our history

We have been established since way back in 1950, though our history can be traced way back to late 19th century Germany when our company founder’s father invented the Schuller Updrawing glass tubing process. We are based in Newcastle-under-Lyme and specialise in designing and manufacturing products of the highest quality via processes including plastic injection moulding. Our catalogue continues to expand, and we have an excellent track record when it comes to manufacturing complex tooling for producing bespoke moulded components for a range of clients. We can come to your assistance whether you’re highly familiar with the injection moulding process or require further information.

Getting in touch

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