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Automotive Products Data Sheet

We offer a range of products within the Automotive sector

Carton Handles

Regina Industries supply a range of carton handles for the packaging industry in a variety of colours

Cruet Plugs Data Sheet

We provide a range of stoppers also known as cruet plugs for the Ceramics sector

Dropper Inserts

Take a look at our range of Dropper Inserts suitable for the Food Packaging Industry

Drosophila Vials

We supply a range of sizes and packaging options for our Drosophila Vials.

Electronics Data Sheet

Regina Industries have serviced the Electronics sector for over 30 years. Find out more on the range of our products

Engineering Products Data Sheet

Engineering Products Data Sheet

As a bespoke injection moulder, Regina Industries has developed and manufactured injection moulded products for a number of leading companies within the Engineering sector.

Take a look at our data sheet to see if there is something we can help you with.

Finned Closures

Take a look at our range of finned closures suitable for the packaging industry

Flat Bottom Tubes

Take a look at our range of glass flat bottom tubes

Flat Bottom Tubes – Plastic

Take a look at our range of plastic flat bottom tubes


Regina Industries are well known for the service they offer to the ceramics industry, situated in the heart of the “Potteries”.

Our technical team can provide a wealth of knowledge to support ceramics manufacturers in the manufacturing process by using a range of our natches.

Plain Skirt Closures

Find out about our closures suitable for the packaging sector

Plastic Tubes

Take a look at our plastic test tubes and plastic tubes for the packaging industry

Test Rings

Take a look at our range of test rings suitable for the Oil and Gas Industry

Tri-Star Plate Spacers

We offer Tri-Star Plate Spacers for the Ceramics Industry in various materials and colour options

Tube End Caps

We provide a range of Tube End Caps for the packaging sector