Andrew, our Precision Machining apprentice discusses his Apprenticeship journey so far

What date did you start at Regina Industries?

27th March 2019


I attended the JCB Academy where I completed my level 3 diploma in Engineering and worked at Alton Towers within the hotel as one of my first jobs.

Why an Engineering Apprenticeship?

I have always had an interest in Engineering and liked the idea of putting your hands to a skill and converting it to a finished product. I applied for the apprenticeship at Regina Industries through North Staffs Engineering Group Training Association as this was the best avenue to work with a local company to gain a skilled trade.

What skills have you learned?

I have had the opportunity to work on various machines within the Precision Machining department including a manual lathe, CNC lathe, manual miller, CNC miller, grinding wheels, pedestal drills and saw.

Using both the manual and CNC machines have helped my understanding of engineering processes.

Highlights of your experience so far?

I enjoy the variety aspect of the job and every day is different as I am constantly learning new techniques because of the range of parts that Regina manufacture.

One of the highlights was working on the manual miller and setting the machine up which has helped in understanding how things work.

Plans for the future?

Hopefully would like to learn more of the technical side of engineering using technology such as AutoCad and advanced machining techniques.