Plastic Injection Moulding and Export


Traditionally the Plastic Injection Moulding manufacturing process has been in the Far East. The UK manufacturing industry is seeing a shift in reshoring operations and the confidence of overseas organisations to use British manufacturers.

Plastics is one of the UK’s top ten imports and exports, with the EU accounting for 69% of all plastics-related trade.

As many organisations realise the hidden costs and challenges of outsourcing, UK manufacturers are seeing a revival in reshoring.

Regina Industries are working with existing and new overseas clients from various sectors in tool making and plastic injection moulding component manufacture.

Clients have benefited from a reliable supply partner and quality parts accredited to ISO9001 standards. Rising freight charges, tariffs, stock shortages from overseas manufacturers have meant that the cost of supply is far greater than before the pandemic or Brexit.

The benefit of using Regina Industries is their one stop capabilities from product development, tool manufacture to component production. This gives greater quality control, minimises downtime and cost saving for the client.

If you need guidance on a cost saving alternative to your Plastic Injection Moulding process, speak to one of our experts