CNC Precision Machining

What is CNC Precision Machining?

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) is a process used throughout precision machining. Numerical controls which can be customised for each specific job using tools such as lathes, grinders and mills.

Benefits of CNC Precision Machining?


Accuracy – Use of CNC technology allows for accuracy and precise complex cuttings.

Volume Production –  Bar feeders and automated processes for repetitive work

Cost savings – Minimum wastage and automated processes allow machines to run without minimal disruption

Efficiency – Reduction in manual setups allow for faster production times

Operator safety – As the operator sets up the machine, risks of accidents are minimised as the machine does the hard work.

Due to growth in the Precision Machining department, further investments have been made. The latest investment to compliment their capabilities is a Hurco TM8i CNC Turning Centre.

The new investment will grow capacity and capability within their machining facilities making component parts more cost effective.

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