Regina Industries played a major role in helping a leading supplier of turnkey drilling fluid processing solutions to the oil and gas sector.

The client were looking at a cost saving solution for their existing screen product used to eliminate swarf clogging within filtration systems.

Over a period of time the screens would become damaged due to the nature of materials that were filtered through the screens.

Regina collaborated with the client in identifying a suitable material and fine tuning their design concept which would help to repair damaged screens and prolong the life of the product.

The in house tool room designed and manufactured a bespoke mould tool to produce the required part. The chosen material was Nylon 6 due to its excellent toughness and wear resistance and it also suited the required assembly parameters.

Following a successful trial run the client proceeded with batch production and has continued to be an important cost saving solution for the client.

“We approached Regina Industries to identify a solution to prolong the life of one of our filtration products. Following the development stage, the team at Regina were able to produce a quality plastic product in line with our specifications within our project timescales.”