The laboratory sector is a key area for Regina Industries with a number of clients that have required their services in both plastic injection moulding and tubular glass processing.

A leading distributor within the genetic research sector approached Regina Industries to provide a consistent, reliable supply of drosophila vials.

Regina identified 3 or 4 different sizes of vial currently in use including glass types (also produced by Regina). With most being sourced overseas, deliveries were not reliable and this was having a direct impact on their client and the subsequent end user.

The skilled engineers at Regina developed a new tool using their own hot runner system. With interchangeable mould components, the tooling could be used to produce the full range of Drosophila vials currently in use in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Once approval had been made by the client, Regina initiated volume production and subsequently the product is widely used throughout the UK and Europe. Through close collaboration with their client, vials are always available from stock.

“Regina Industries has been a key enabler for our business in expanding our range of products and services to the laboratory sector.

As a result of the reliable supply of high quality vials from Regina Industries we now have the provisions to offer our clients a better service which is virtually on demand.

Our relationship continues to grow and we see Regina as a long term partner to the business.”