Precision Machining

Our recent investment in our machining capabilities allows us to offer a better service for your machining or tool making requirements.

As manufacturers of injection mould tooling, precision machining is a defacto requirement for us. Machining of plastics through to high quality tool steels and with all the equipment and experienced staff to fulfil your requirements.

What is Precision Machining?

In precision machining, the excess of a larger piece of material is used to manufacture a smaller piece of material. Material removal procedures are used to change the large piece, so that the smaller piece will be a perfect fit for the desired area and will carry out its task to the highest standard. A wide range of machinery is utilised to deliver the results, with the materials coming in many different forms.

CNC Process

Over the years, technological advancements have made it easier to create even the most complex parts. Materials used in precision machining include wood, metal and plastic. Precision machining is largely based on the Computer Numerical Controlled or CNC process. Numerical control is used to control tools like grinders, mills and lathes. The margin for error is removed by computers. Once the design is loaded to a computer, the manufacturing work begins. It only takes a small amount of time to produce materials which would otherwise require a number of steps.

A wide range of materials

We use a wide range of manufacturing materials to create the items our customers require. These include metals, elastomers and thermoplastics in various grades. These materials include ABS, aluminium, brass, carbon steel, copper, mild steel, nylon, PVC, stainless steel and titanium, to give just a few examples.

Advantages of Precision Machining

When you opt for precision engineering to manufacture products, you can reduce or remove the risk of human error. We use highly-advanced numerically-controlled machines and can offer swift turnaround times to assist customers with strict deadlines. We can speed up the process without making compromises on quality and can supply you with precise, flawless results every time. The solutions that we provide make your company more efficient, with our processes keeping waste to a minimum, enabling you to make a better contribution to the environment.

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Our engineers have the expertise to cover precision machining capabilities over a diverse range of sectors.

Talk to Regina today if you are in search of first-class precision engineering solutions. At Regina, we constantly invest in our machining capabilities in order to remain at the forefront of the market and deliver the exceptional service that you desire. We are market leaders when it comes to precision machining and injection mould tooling and are able to machine a wide range of materials, including tool steels and plastics.

We can cater for clients from a wide range of sectors and can provide services including XYZ & Alpha CNC Lathes, Hurco & Bridgeport Machining centres, EDM spark erosion and cylindrical grinding internal/external & surface.

Reginas precision machining services include:


  • XYZ & Alpha CNC Lathes
  • Hurco TM8i Turning Centre
  • Hurco & Bridgeport Machining centres
  • EDM spark erosion
  • Cylindrical grinding internal/external & surface.
  • Virtually all materials are processing from a full range of plastics, light alloys to high grade tools steels.

Our Machines

Hurco VM20i

Regina Industries largest Milling Centre, purchased in 2023, Regina are building for the future in sub-contract Precision Machining. 

Machine Capabilities

  • 3-Axis Machining Centre
  • 12,000 RPM Spindle / CAT 40 Big Plus.
  • 1,100x508mm Travel 
  • 4 Post Indexer for a multitude of tools

Hurco TM8i

The newest edition of Regina’s Turning Centres. Equipped with a fully automated bar-feeder, Regina has invested in the ability to auto-run large quantity turned parts. With the ability to run over-night, Regina can be very competitive with high-volume turned parts up to 58mm in bar width.

Machine Capabilities

  • Equipped with a bar feeder for automation
  • 525mm turning length
  • 63.5mm bar capacity
  • 4,000 rpm spindle speed

Hurco VM10i

A 3-Axis Milling Machine Centre with the ability to drill, chamfer, finish and many more operations. 

Machine Capabilities

  • 1500kg weight on table
  • 762x406mm table size
  • 12,000 rpm spindle speed
  • Extra space on Z axis over VM1i


Our latest addition in the Machine Shop is a 2024 XYZ RLX 425, with capabilities to machine slightly larger bars than its predecessor.

Machine Capabilities

  • 250mm chuck
  • 80mm Spindle Bore

XYZ RLX 1615

Our first CNC Lathe, the XYZ 1615 has been used for all CNC Lathe work up until our bar feeder was purchased.

Machine Capabilities

  • 250mm chuck
  • 56mm spindle bore
  • 1 metre bar 

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