Plastic tubes are heavily associated with laboratory environments and are often used instead of glass tubes. Although not all small plastic tubes are reliable enough to replace glass tubes, they can offer big advantages in many different circumstances.

An affordable, safer alternative to glass

One of the main reasons for using plastic tubes is that they are less expensive to source than glass tubes. It’s possible to mould thousands of plastic tubes in a single hour for a modest sum, whereas glass tubes generally take much more time to produce and will cost you more. It’s also much safer to dispose of plastic tubes than glass tubes. When glass tubes shatter, the sharp edges that remain can cause injuries. What’s also worrying is that people can be exposed to chemicals and other dangerous contaminants when they do break. Plastic tubes, on the other hand, won’t shatter or cut you. If you drop a plastic tube, it will not be broken. When a stopper is placed inside the plastic tube, the contents can remain intact.

Child-friendly tubes

Plastic tubes are frequently used in environments where children are present. These include schools and homes. These tubes are also ideal for storing materials that cannot eat through plastic. If you are considering using plastic tubes over their glass counterparts, just make sure the materials that you are storing inside of them are suitable. If plastic is a suitable option, it can be best to opt for this over glass for various reasons, including cost and safety.

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