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Regina Industries Ltd have been established since 1950. Based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Regina Industries Ltd specialise in providing dynamic solutions from one source.

The company produces high quality products using plastic injection moulding and first quality pharmaceutical glass manufacture. In addition Regina Industries has tool making and precision machining capabilities bespoke to customer requirements.

Covering a diverse range of sectors they can produce anything from food packaging and healthcare materials right through to products for those in the scientific industry.

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Drosophila Vials Case Study

The laboratory sector is a key area for Regina Industries with a number of clients that have required their services in both plastic injection moulding and tubular glass processing. A leading distributor within the genetic research sector approached Regina Industries to provide a consistent, reliable supply of drosophila vials. Regina identified 3 or 4 different sizes of vial currently in use including glass types (also produced by Regina). With most being sourced overseas, deliveries were not reliable and this was having a direct impact on their client and the subsequent end user. The skilled engineers at Regina developed a new…


Regina Industries Cost Saving Solution

Regina Industries played a major role in helping a leading supplier of turnkey drilling fluid processing solutions to the oil and gas sector. The client were looking at a cost saving solution for their existing screen product used to eliminate swarf clogging within filtration systems. Over a period of time the screens would become damaged due to the nature of materials that were filtered through the screens. Regina collaborated with the client in identifying a suitable material and fine tuning their design concept which would help to repair damaged screens and prolong the life of the product. The in house…